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Helping Children Grow

This is a structured 20+ year program that meets two days a week (Tues/Thurs) from the Tuesday after Labor Day in September until the end of May. The structured program helps your children develop learning and social skills enabling them to move on to kindergarten.

Wooden Cars

2 Year Old Class

In our 2-year-old class, toddlers begin their adventure into learning with an introduction to uppercase letters, numbers 1-10, colors, and shapes. Through fun activities like sticker play and outdoor time, we nurture fine and large motor skills. Structured time at the table for crafts, snacks, and stories helps develop important social skills like taking turns and playing together. This class is perfect for little ones starting to explore the world of potty training!

Arts & Crafts

3 Year Old Class

Our 3-year-old students dive deeper into the world of learning with activities designed to recognize letters in their names, engage with phonics, and count to 10. They’ll practice holding pencils and crayons, learn about opposites, and enhance social skills through cooperation and conflict resolution. Each day includes enrichment activities for motor skills development and structured classwork to foster attentiveness and listening. Our preschoolers are encouraged towards bathroom independence.

Colorful Alphabets

Pre-K Class

Preparing for kindergarten is exciting in our Pre-K class! Children learn to identify and write letters and numbers up to 20, delve into beginning math concepts, and explore early reading skills through site words. Our structured activities enhance fine motor skills, like proper pencil grip and scissor use, and teach crucial social skills like expressing feelings and resolving conflicts. Independence is encouraged, from opening lunches to mastering bathroom etiquette.


Registration and Supply Fee


Monthly Tuition

Tuesdays & Thursdays

8:45 AM - 2:00 PM

Register Today

All forms, front and back, are required along with a registration fee to secure your child's spot within the program.

Meet Our Director

Darlene Whorton

Darlene is originally from Central New York and moved to this area in 1995. She is married and has two grown daughters and a granddaughter, who attended this program. Darlene joined the staff in January of 2002, after its inception in September 2001. In addition to teaching, she became the bookkeeper and Board Member in 2003, and Co-Director in 2007. She has seen thousands of children come through the program and has watched each one flourish in a variety of ways. As a Pre-K teacher for 20 years, she has taken pride in preparing children for kindergarten and seeing the excitement that comes with learning become infectious. The partnership she has developed with many of the families continues today.

“There’s nothing more challenging, yet so rewarding, than watching a child accomplish
something new and changing a child’s life."

 Darlene Whorton Mother's Day Out First Presbyterian Church of Smyrna, TN_edited.jpg
First Presbyterian Church of Smyrna Mother's Day Out 3 Year Old Room_edited.jpg

About Our Preschool

Our dedicated staff looks forward to working with you and your child in helping them continue to grow and learn. 


Together we will become family.

Our program has been an integral part of of the community for 20+ years working with parents/caregivers to prepare the children for kindergarten and more.

The Mission Statement of our program is:

To provide a loving, nurturing and educational Christian care program for pre-school aged children in our community.  To help children develop important life skills, a sense of -worth, acceptance, and respect for others, to know the importance of God, Jesus, and the bible in their lives, and to develop an excitement for learning.


This program is a two day a week structured program that runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:45 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

  • We follow the Rutherford County School system calendar for holidays and inclement weather days.

  • This is not a year-round program but starts the Tuesday after Labor Day in September and ends mid-May.

Contact Us


540 Sam Ridley Pkwy W,
Smyrna, TN,  37167



Opening Hours


8:45 am – 2:00 pm


8:45 am – 2:00 pm

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